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Houston, City Of The Future

With a growth rate of 1.82% Houston is one of the most dynamic cities in America. There are many reasons why. Low unemployment, low taxes and a business friendly environment all draw thousands to the Houston Metroplex. But explosive growth can have downsides. Urban sprawl and traffic jams have been a problem in the past.

houston-light-rail-michael-lelandSeeing these problems visionaries in Houston have taken action to make the city’s growth sustainable. After receiving a “D” grade in sustainability in 2008 the University of Houston has become one of the top green campuses in America. Long known for it’s sprawl and traffic problems the city has embarked on the building of a state of the art light rail system. The City Energy Project is an ambitious city funded program intended to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

future-city-logoOne of the most interesting developments is Houston’s involvement in the Future Cities Project. This program recruits middle school students to compete against other cities to come up with ideas for the future of their home town. One of the events uses the popular SimCity software to turn students’ imaginary ideas into working models. The Houston team has won in this category.

With talented people like this getting involved, the future for Houston is bright. If you’re looking for a great city that will grow with you Houston may be perfect. If you need a hand moving, call your friends in the moving business All My Sons.

Images courtesy of Future City Competition and Michael Leland


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