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Sitterle Homes, a San Antonio home building company, has announced plans to build a new luxury housing community in Katy. They will break ground in September at the intersection of Roesner Road and Saddlehorn Lane. The new development, called Roesner Woods, will have 17 houses, individually gated, on a third of an acre each. Houston […]

Everyone wants a storybook ending, their own happily ever after per se.  In most storybooks that includes the prince (or princess), the castle, and maybe even a little bit of magic in between.  Your Houston professional movers want to bring your once fantasy fairytale ending to reality.  They can’t promise you the prince (or princess) […]

Tech enthusiasts in Houston will have a treat on the 16th and 17th of this month! A recent film entitled, “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview,” will be shown in Houston at the River Oaks Theatre on W. Gray Street. An unedited interview will be played in its entirety, as the film’s title suggests, and this […]

If you haven’t yet learned that your family owned local movers here in Houston are currently holding a jingle contest, your time hasn’t quite run out yet.  Your movers here in Houston are in need of a catchy jingle to launch an upcoming television ad campaign which means we need you!  Here’s a little taste […]

If you’re looking for a lively Texas town to live in next, you should consider moving to Houston! A lively stand-out Texan city, you’re never at a stand still wondering what to do with your day or night in Houston. A variety of entertainment is available for all tastes and age groups; orchestra, theater, chic […]

Being in need of automobile repair is something that most people dread.  Going to see the car mechanic is something I generally avoid as much as possible.  When I do find myself with little choice other than bringing my car in to the shop, I always feel it necessary to build up my defenses to […]

Today, people move from place to place a lot more frequently than we did hundreds of years ago. Many young adults move once or twice every year! Every home and office is different too… Architecture has become a budding interest of mine; you can’t help but notice the different layout styles when you spend every […]

Growing up I remember having several classmates who were military brats.  These kids were required to move pretty often.   I remember thinking, that must have been hard.  They were forced to learn a new neighborhood, friends, school, sports etc., all over again. Moving can be difficult on children as well as adults, however, with […]

When I graduated from college, I took a job in the insurance industry in Massachusetts. The pay was good, the place seemed nice, and frankly I’d never lived on the East Coast. I wanted to know what it was like. It seemed exotic and foreign to me. It was also a long way away from […]

Summer will be over in just a few short weeks.  Kids are heading back to school and soon the cooler temperatures will blow…I can’t wait! As with any season, many individuals change draperies, bedding, move furniture around and change décor.  Are you considering changing décor and have no place to put your spring and summer […]