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Your Houston movers are staunch recycling enthusiasts, as I’m sure many of you are. Recycling isn’t only fun, it’s also good for our environment! It feels good to know that you’re making a positive impact on the environment. Did you know that not all materials are recyclable? Even certain plastics and paper products aren’t recyclable. […]

Everyone wants a storybook ending, their own happily ever after per se.  In most storybooks that includes the prince (or princess), the castle, and maybe even a little bit of magic in between.  Your Houston professional movers want to bring your once fantasy fairytale ending to reality.  They can’t promise you the prince (or princess) […]

Nearly all of the streets in West University Place, a small city on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, are named after colleges, authors and poets. This is quite fitting considering that 85 percent of adults in West University Place hold bachelor’s degrees, the highest percentage in any Southern community. As of 2000, West University Place […]

Your Houston mover here just came across a rather heart-warming story which should have the same effect on anybody who may learn of it. Two-year-old Lia Vega has just recently been labeled a hero after saving her mommy’s life last Thursday. Larissa Taylor, Lia’s mother, was at her mother-in-law’s home with Lia and her baby […]

Deer Park is definitely one of Houston’s finest suburbs, and you can bet that your Houston area moving specialists move a lot of families to the area. The “Birthplace of Texas,” as it is called, is a twenty-mile-drive away from Houston, but residents of Deer Park need not make the daily commute as there are […]

This weekend in Houston a computer will play a minister role and join Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley in holy matrimony! That’s right, a computer! Nicknamed “Rev. Bit” the computer program written by the groom-to-be will complete the geek-themed wedding of the self-professed nerd couple. The wedding cake will even feature Nerds candy instead of […]

Did you know that Houston is the number one city for new millionaires? There are nearly 100,000 millionaires in the Houston area. Within the last couple of years, the rapid increase of millionaires moving to Houston caused the number of millionaires to swell by roughly ten percent. The growth in local millionaires is directly connected […]

Being in need of automobile repair is something that most people dread.  Going to see the car mechanic is something I generally avoid as much as possible.  When I do find myself with little choice other than bringing my car in to the shop, I always feel it necessary to build up my defenses to […]

Today, people move from place to place a lot more frequently than we did hundreds of years ago. Many young adults move once or twice every year! Every home and office is different too… Architecture has become a budding interest of mine; you can’t help but notice the different layout styles when you spend every […]