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Nearly all of the streets in West University Place, a small city on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, are named after colleges, authors and poets. This is quite fitting considering that 85 percent of adults in West University Place hold bachelor’s degrees, the highest percentage in any Southern community. As of 2000, West University Place is the 8th wealthiest location in Texas by per capita income. It is no surprise that this strong education background is a vital reason why West University Place continues to develop as one of the most desirable and prosperous parts of the Houston area. Should you choose West University Place as your home to be, your Houston moving professionals are committed to providing you with a positive and stress free experience.

Tech enthusiasts in Houston will have a treat on the 16th and 17th of this month! A recent film entitled, “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview,” will be shown in Houston at the River Oaks Theatre on W. Gray Street. An unedited interview will be played in its entirety, as the film’s title suggests, and this interview has only been viewed by most in small excerpts; your Houston area mover here expects that there will be quite a turnout for the Houston showings of ‘The Lost Interview.’ A VHS copy of the 1995 Jobs interview was located in London recently, and was restored in order to be featured in the seventy-minute-long film. Your relocation specialists in Houston here are among the millions worldwide who are fascinated by Steve Jobs’ legacy which he left behind early last month. Though he has passed on, Jobs’ life’s work will live on forever and will, as he said, “[be] spread around to everybody so that everybody grows up with better things.”

Your Houston mover here just came across a rather heart-warming story which should have the same effect on anybody who may learn of it. Two-year-old Lia Vega has just recently been labeled a hero after saving her mommy’s life last Thursday. Larissa Taylor, Lia’s mother, was at her mother-in-law’s home with Lia and her baby sister, Lexi, when she fell unconscious and collapsed on the floor. Upon seeing her mom in danger, little Lia leapt to action and called her grandmother on mommy’s cell phone. Your Houston area movers are super impressed by Lia’s superhero-like instincts that saved her mother’s life. Way to go, Lia!


If you have just moved to the Houston area and you’re a mom, your Houston movers here have an idea for how to spend your day tomorrow. The Children’s Museum of Houston is calling all moms to come to tomorrow’s Mommy Mingle. With school back in session, what better way to meet new people in Houston who all have one thing in common: being a mom! Free coffee and breakfast will be provided to all attendees and you can even bring your little ones who are still a little young for school to play in the Tot*Spot alcove! There will be a chance to enter in the Mommy Mingle Snapshot Facebook Contest as well, each Wednesday a new winner will be announced and will win a special prize! For moms who have recently completed a move to Houston, tomorrow’s events at the Children’s Museum of Houston sound like a blast!

For job opportunity, there is virtually no better place to be in this country than right here in Houston. Within the last year, Houston has introduced more than 65,000 new jobs to the market; and that is pretty impressive considering this figure doesn’t even reflect new farm jobs. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that out of 100 Houston area industries, 77 saw an increase of positions since last year around this same time.

The moving industry is one of many here in Houston which happily welcomed the creation of new local-area jobs. Additions which make perfect sense when you consider the large number of people moving to Houston due to the spike in job openings.

With the cost of gas constantly on the rise, Americans everywhere have a very good reason to opt for smaller cars as opposed to SUV’s and trucks. For small car owners, optimal gas mileage is an obvious advantage, but car manufacturers are focusing much more on vehicular safety than ever before which should further encourage the small car movement which is upon us in the US. Cars such as Ford’s Focus and Honda’s Civic are safer now than ever before, and newcomers such as the Sonic by Chevrolet are perpetuating the trend in small car safety. Safety is an important part of your Houston area movers’ job every day. Transporting vehicles is also a component of the job we do, mainly for out of state moves. Doesn’t a safe and fuel efficient car deserve a safe and efficient transportation solution when the time comes to move long distance? Your Houston mover thinks so, so don’t expect anything less out of us!

Deer Park is definitely one of Houston’s finest suburbs, and you can bet that your Houston area moving specialists move a lot of families to the area. The “Birthplace of Texas,” as it is called, is a twenty-mile-drive away from Houston, but residents of Deer Park need not make the daily commute as there are many great jobs right within the city. Jobs pay well in Deer Park, and families there live lavishly. What’s more is the low cost of living, strong school system, and almost non-existent crime rate. For many, Deer Park is the perfect Texas town to raise a family in the ultimate dream home!

This weekend in Houston a computer will play a minister role and join Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley in holy matrimony! That’s right, a computer! Nicknamed “Rev. Bit” the computer program written by the groom-to-be will complete the geek-themed wedding of the self-professed nerd couple. The wedding cake will even feature Nerds candy instead of icing. Being married by a robot minister… What next? Robotic relocation services? Your professional movers in Houston here certainly hope not! Though Miguel did surprise us all by creating Rev. Bit. Perhaps he has other plans up his sleeve!

Did you know that Houston is the number one city for new millionaires? There are nearly 100,000 millionaires in the Houston area. Within the last couple of years, the rapid increase of millionaires moving to Houston caused the number of millionaires to swell by roughly ten percent. The growth in local millionaires is directly connected to the fossil fuel presence in Houston. It is good to see that somebody is benefiting from the seemingly constant rise in gas prices! Your Houston movers have definitely taken notice of both the increase in people moving to Houston AND the rise in fuel cost. Not too pleased with the latter!

Quality is everything when it comes to spending your hard earned money; or at least it should be. If you don’t have your eye on the lookout for excellence when in need of products or services, your money may as well go in the garbage. Houston is one of the best places in the country to eat a burger, and satisfying one’s urge to scarf down a big juicy burger is a great example of a time when quality is paramount. A true burger enthusiast isn’t likely going to seek out a 99 cents menu during his or her pursuit for the perfect burger. Known for their delectable burgers, Hubcap Grill would be a spot where a true burger enthusiast would more likely be found. There is a huge difference between a cheap burger and a quality burger, and this concept is true no matter what you are talking about.

When it comes to Texas moving companies in Houston, quality is a huge factor as well! If you are moving in Houston and intend to hire movers, quality should definitely be your top concern! Either you insist on quality relocation services and hire a professional moving company, or you hire an non reputable mover who may pick up unprofessional day laborers off the street with no moving experience to handle your transition and end up wishing you had focused on quality.

Moving companies just like burgers should be high quality if you are going to consider spending your hard-earned money on being relocated by them. So seek out the best when it comes to hiring professional relocation service providers!